• 1. Subscribe

    Subscribe to a plan that suits your family and get Yolo tokens.

  • 2. Reserve Online

    Reserve your favourite toys & gear online using your Yolos from our curated inventory.

  • 3. Hub Pick up

    Pick up the toys and gear at one of our Hub locations near you to be enjoyed at home, knowing we cover 80% of any repair or replacement cost above $50.

  • 4. Flexible Returns

    Return the items to our Hub, and repeat the fun! Items that you no longer use can now be enjoyed by someone else, hassle-free!


Instead of the sunk cost of buying an expensive item that may not work for you, you can try it out risk-free with Yoloop.

No worrying about how to store or unload them once done, simply return them for someone else to try. Our most popular tier is comparable in cost to 3-4 hours of babysitting, and think of how much novelty and engagement your child will get for this investment! 

Free up your mental space

Yoloop's easily searchable bundles have been curated for your child's development and interests, saving time, headspace and money. You can have confidence that the toys are enriching to your child's growing mind.


Yoloop inventory is high quality, prioritizing natural materials, perfect for the trusted
Montessori principles of play. In addition, we also ensure that our inventory includes other fun high quality toys that foster growth.


Easy drop offs and pickups by you or someone you know with friendly, knowledgeable Yoloop staff with parenting and early childhood experience.


They're kids! Wear and tear is completely expected. Relax knowing that we at Yoloop cover 100% of the cost for any damage less than $50. Above that, we cover 80% of the repair or replacement cost so you don’t have to worry.

Yoloop items are well labeled, and carefully chosen without a lot of small parts that are easy to lose. If an item is thought lost, it is typically found within a month. See frequently asked questions for more details.