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What if I lose an item or Yoloop items get mixed in with my own and I forget which is which?

Each item in the inventory is labelled with a QR code so your family can easily tell them apart from other possessions. Our items are curated to avoid small parts that are easy to lose.
Typically if an item is thought to be lost, it is found within a month. If not returned within one month of end of subscription, we will charge for the residual retail value of the item only.

What if an item gets damaged during use?

Normal wear and tear is completely expected. When products are picked up and returned after each use, they are fully inspected again for structural integrity, performance issues, and potential repairs that would be required. Our trained team can make basic repairs. For more complex repairs, we work with manufacturers and other health and medical experts to make further repairs to ensure the proper safety and operation of every product.

If any item cannot be repaired and no longer meets our safety, quality and aesthetic standards, we dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner.
Relax knowing that we at Yoloop cover 100% of the cost for any damage less than $50.
Anything above that, we cover 80% of the repair or replacement cost so you don’t have to

What are your pickup and drop off times?

What if I forget to return or pick my items up on time?

We hold your items for you for 7 days. For convenience, You can send any trusted person with your QR code to pick them up or drop them off for you. We also send you reminders, because we know life gets busy, even when you’re excited to see the kids play with the new Yoloop inventory!

Can I send someone else to pick up or return my items?

Definitely! Just send your designated person the QR code we sent for pickup/dropoff and we’ll take it from there.

How are Yoloop items cleaned?

Yoloop requests that items be returned clean to the library (no visible dirt/debris). This can be done with any non-toxic disinfecting solution and cloth/wipe.
Once returned, each item in Yoloop’s inventory is meticulously cleaned, steamed, sanitized, washed, dried and inspected before notification for pickup. We follow all product manufacturer guidelines. We take great care in making sure we use only the best child safe, non-toxic products, with the least impact to the environment.

Products used by YoLoop for cleaning include:
Force of Nature cleaning & disinfectant agent ● Seventh Generation Dish Soap ● Seventh
Generation Disinfecting Wipes ● Warm Water ● Distilled White Vinegar ● Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

How does subscription and billing work?

The subscriptions are easy to pause or cancel at any time. Choose a tier, fill the brief registration form and start the process!
We are only serving Maple Ridge, BC area at this time. Other sites coming soon.

We are going on vacation. Can I pause my subscription?

If you need to stop your subscription temporarily, you can pause your account for up to 2 months at one time. You can submit your pause request on our website, 1-week notice is required prior to the billing date.

What is your cancellation policy?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Items to be returned 1 week prior to the billing dateto avoid being charged for another cycle.

What if I want to purchase an item instead of returning it?

Definitely! Let us know and we will calculate the residual value. You can submit the payment separately from the subscription billing, and voila! the item is yours and your yolos are refilled.

Can I pay for delivery of the items rather than pickup?

As of now, we are pickup only to minimize environmental impact.

More questions?

Schedule a call with us!