Why Yoloop?

With Yoloop, you can be confident that your child's toys and gear are perfectly matched to their stage of development. Once they have passed their window of interest, you can switch it to something else from our large high quality inventory. Yoloop grows with your child's play needs. Reduce the clutter in your home, to be fully present for the moments that matter!

  • High Quality

  • Flexible Returns

  • Worry-free Play

  • Yolo Tokens

How it works

Access high end baby gear & toys curated for the precious early years of your child's growth.

With Yoloop, easily borrow for as long as needed from our extensive curated inventory; when you're done try something else with any easy swap from any of our Hub locations.

We get it, kids can be rough with toys and our easy hassle free model alleviates any stress on borrowed items ensuring a great Yoloop experience.

  • 1. Reserve online

    Choose your plan and use Yoloop tokens to reserve your favourite toys & gear

  • 2. Hub Pick up

    Easy pick-up of toys & gear at one of our convenient Hubs near you

  • 3. Flexible Returns

    Swap the items at our Hub when you are done and have fun with something new!

The process is simple

With Yoloop, we know that our service will help you become someone who has a place for everything and everything in its place.

You will have confidence that you have access to the toys & gear that your growing child needs and have us as an experienced guide as your child grows.

You will be able to be present with a clear mind at home, and be engaged in the moments that matter with your kids.

  • The Playpen

    Great plan for new and small families

    $65 | month

  • The Play Room

    An ideal plan to a variety of toys & gear (Recommended)

    $99 | month

  • The Play House

    Perfect plan option for access to high-end and bigger variety toys & gear

    $135 | month

Carefully curated

We constantly keep Montessori, STEM, child development and environmental impact principles in mind. Our specialists have curated packages for the windows of interest in your child's development so you don't have to.

Our toys and gear are high quality, prioritizing natural materials. Our items typically don’t have small parts that are easy to lose - so you can rest at ease.

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